This section of the website is dedicated to the projects which were started during the past editions of ESoDoc.
Some projects have been produced already, others are in production and others are still in development.

This section will be constantly updated with news about these projects.

What would you do if you were told you had a dramatically life-shortening illness when you were 32 years old? Start making comic books about it of course! Well, that's what Gordon did anyway.

Using participatory techniques, Kisilu is an intimate portrait of a tightly knit family and one innovative and impassioned man battling the impacts of climate change to create a better future for his local community.

How much are we prepared to give up of ourselves in order to fit in? And how long can this masquerade succeed? FATHER is a true story - told as a tragi-comic rollercoaster ride through a universe of animated and filmed image.

A story about friendship and the empowerment of women.

As rates of femicide and domestic abuse soar in Turkey and democratic rights for women are increasingly eroded, a lawyer and her clients bravely risk everything for their freedom by standing up to the government and putting violent men behind bars.

Zero Waste is a film that follows the case of the city of Naples, which, after decades of waste crisis, seems to have today a new hope thanks to the new mayor Luigi de Magistris, whose campaign focused on dealing with the garbage and Mafia issues.

Domingo is an outgoing and free-spirited farmer who has a secret: a hidden tree from which he is developing a new variety of oranges. Will he be able to patent it before those that control the market? In this battle against Goliath, Domingo has plenty of ingenuity and good humor to succeed.

The documentary reconstructs the birth of the city of Togliatti, founded in the Samara region, a thousand miles east of Moscow as the result of an agreement between the Soviet Union and Fiat managers Giovanni Agnelli and Vittorio Valletta.

Mina, the director of the film unveils a family secret about her grandmother's death. through a monologue with her grandmother, Mina shows the reality of domestic violence against women in Iran.

Mont is a solitary settlement in the Alps of Switzerland. Vreni and her sons are living there. She has decided on a simple and strenuous life in harmony with nature. 

In the VR experience KUSUNDA, you explore the memoirs of Gyani Maiya Sen, an 83-year-old indigenous woman who is the last speaker of an endangered language. By using your voice to speak in Kusunda, you trigger interactive journeys into Gyani Maiyas past and learn about a unique language and culture.

Destination Home is a documentary film about a Liberian refugee Samuel ”Sam” Reayah and his family. 

Magdi, a strong-willed, but lonely full-time caregiver of her disabled son Feri faces a daunting reality as she grows older: If she were to pass away, what would happen to Feri?

ONO is a cute and cuddly (well, maybe not cuddly... but definitely cute!) robot who stars in Tactical Tech's Survival in the Digital Age animations and short clips.

Ian and Pro are best friends living in Nairobi. They are both 12 years old with different personalities but sharing a common dream: to travel the world and to become famous acrobats. Everyday, they like to meet Steve, their superhero and charismatic acrobatic trainer who fills their afternoons and keeps open their perspectives in life.

Outside I’m Singing is the culmination of a year long collaborative project between the artist, Lisa Fingleton, Mná Mná (Ireland’s only lesbian choir, based in Cork, Ireland) and musical director Evelyn Quinlan. The work documents the process of creating a musical with an incredible group of women who have overcome a great deal to sing out and proud.

As part of the Belt and Road Initiative, a new high-speed train from China is going to pass right through a tiny Georgian mountain village. Farmers see their fields crumbling as Chinese workers drill a tunnel. A surrealist parable about changing the world order.

The Miracle is the story of Magne Skaden from the North of Norway. As a young boy, he was diagnosed as mentally retarded. The doctors told his parents to just keep him at home.

After two decades of living in an urban jungle, the Enache family became the rulers of a unique ecosystem: the Bucharest's Delta. And then the state came and declared their home a Natural Reservation

DRONE investigates the human consequences of the US drone war. Through unique access to voices on both sides of the drones the film follows drone victims in Waziristan as well as drone pilots who struggle to come to terms with the new warfare.

The contrasting dreams of two generations clash within the microcosm of an ancient Buddhist monastery in Bhutan, when Gyembo an ordinary teenager is chosen as the next guardian of their family monastery by his father.

When they meet for tea, it's to talk about the upcoming harvest and poisoned water. About where to buy the fattest sheep and about road blocks. After a toxic spill, Erkingul and her fellow activists challenge not only the largest transnational goldmining company in Kygyzstan, but also corrupt authorities and a regime.

A documentary about two gay Syrian refugees as they live through the migration crisis, being gay in Turkey, and their hope to find a better future in Europe.

Barefoot in Business is a character driven documentary for international broadcast and distribution that will follow the fortunes of three Ugandan business women operating at three different levels of the economy as they defy the statistics, stereotypes and credit restrictions and go head to head for the 2012 Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

No pictures exist of Idrissa. His body is still missing. Does his family in Guinea know that he died in police custody in Barcelona? A case dismissed by the Spanish justice system. Another black live that doesn't matter. This is a tragic opportunity to understand Europe's colonial past and its enduring institutional racism.

Struggling to survive on a paradisiacal coral island off the coast of Borneo, a Sea Gypsy girl sees her life threatened by the ban on fishing imposed by the local marine park authorities. Facing starvation because of these new restrictions on their livelihood, Indanina and her family are forced to move to a city here life is nothing but idyllic. Her journey in an alienating fast changing world becomes the story of her people.

Jehad and Abdallah, founders of the Gaza Parkour Team, brought up together in the Gaza Strip but their choices divided them for years. Today, more than ever, they need to find out if there is a way that can lead to freedom someone who, like them, was born in prison.

In the summer of 2011, rebellion is in the air at a children’s camp in Egypt. Encouraged to express themselves freely and influenced by the heady revolutionary waves of the so-called Arab Spring, the teenage participants at the camp begin an uprising – against their own camp management.

Expressing your feelings might not come so easily after life pulls you away from your loved ones. But you can send them a box of oranges instead.

During the 8 years I lived in Ethiopia I came in contact with the children from Little Heaven (the name of the orphanage). Lydia her personality moved me emotionally so much that I decided to visit her on a weekly basis.

ZERO IMPUNITY is a transmedia project of investigation and activism to end impunity for sexual violence in the current armed conflicts.

A juggler, a scientist, a speech therapist, and an actor come together as they all suffer from an incurable disease – multiple sclerosis. They meet at the moment when the illness has already strongly influenced their lives – they all are handicapped.

In a country with a suicide epidemic, the power of human connection becomes lifesaving.

Anne is imprisoned in her own body but despite her limitations she is trying to make her dream come true: the creation of a magazine made by chronically ill and handicapped young adults.

Attention follows a primary school class for ten years. The class at Tana is small, but teeming with many distinct personalities, facing different challenges.

Who runs the European Union? This is a journey into the corridors of power of the biggest economy on earth – the European Union. It unveils how lobby groups work at the heart of the EU capital. In the form of a docu-thriller, The Brussels Business unfolds the unofficial version of the European Integration.

A story of a child Julia from 9 months till 7years. Julia was born in prison and three women attempt to mother her. They all want what’s best for her, but their actions threaten to future of the girl.

In the summer of 1989, several tens of thousands of tourists from communist East Germany arrived in Hungary, which for them represented the "East-West Passage".

Four diplomats, from four developing countries, campaigned to draft the Universal Declaration of Human rights.

Each year, when the dry season reaches its peak, the Borana herders gather with their livestock around their ancient singing wells. While we can see all around the world actions towards a privatised control over water resources and the access to drinkable water is still not considered a fundamental human right, the Borana deserve a special attention for the extraordinary way in which they guarantee general and indiscriminate access to water in one of the driest inhabited regions on earth.

This is a story of a man struggling for survival in Iraq where war has become the norm. The enemy is invisible, and neither women nor children have a safe hideout.

Horrified about computer warriors replacing human soldiers in the killing fields at Iraq or Afghanistan? Another processor-driven revolution is taking place in Japan and Europa which might effect society on a larger scale in the next decades. The protagonist is Paro: Pa-sonal Ro-boto – a cute and cuddly computerised seal, a complex animaloid robot.

La Chana tells the story of one woman’s incredible drive and love for her art amid deep personal struggle.

Alexandra lives in Medellin, Columbia, Siphiwe lives near Durban, Southafrica and Lea lives in Basel, Switzerland. They all are working in projects from the development organisation terre des hommes schweiz.

The Pearl of Africa is a story about Cleopatra Kambugu, a 28 year old Ugandan transgender girl. An intimate fight for love, in one of the most transphobic places in the world.

Twenty-five-year-old Humaira lived through the Taliban regime, but she now puts on lipstick for the camera, full of self-confidence. She studied journalism and started her own radio station, Radio Sahar, back in 2003.

An uncommon documentary film, experiment between fantasy and reality. "The Queen of Silence" is a story set in a marginalized community of illegal Roma settlement portrayed through the eyes of a child: Denisa, a 10 years old deaf girl, an outsider among outsiders.

A portrait of a post-Soviet country in Eastern Europe whose society is torn apart by the struggle to accept the Gay Pride Parade tradition. The unearthing of Pride in Riga from 2005 to 2010 shows the different perceptions of the concept of democracy in the 21st century.

In remote South-Western Uganda, women who broke the taboo of premarital sex were abandoned on a tiny island to die. About to submerge beneath the waters of surrounding lake Bunyonyi, the island’s last wish is to  nd survivors before “her” story becomes but a myth.

This project aims to document the systematic denial of the rights to physical integrity and reproductive autonomy, committed against Roma women because they are Roma women.  As such, it cuts to the core of current debates on both xenophobia and women's rights.

Under the Pinochet dictatorship Jorge Lubbert is forced to become a hit man for the Chilean secret police. He manages to escape and starts a new life as a war cameraman. Until his son Andrés takes him back to his unresolved past.

This film tells the story behind the headlines as we follow three brilliant, young Kenyan comedians and their battle to challenge their country’s systemic corruption and tribalism with a highly unusual, funny and inspiring election campaign.

It was a taboo back then and it is still a taboo today for girls and women in war and crisis zones around the world. More then 70 years later Hilde speaks about her past.

Thousands of migrants from across the world were invited to come and live in the UK under the highly skilled migrant programme.

Connected Walls is a documentary experience published on November 9, 2014, on the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. 

The film closely follows four foreign youths who are learning to deal with tools and challenges in a garage. How does one manage to nurture motivation in order for it to grow by itself?

A Western Saharan man becomes a leader for his people’s struggle for justice.

A concert tour with ”Romantic Violence”, the cult band of ”national rock”, and its fans from December 2005 till the fall of 2006. Folk musicians and skinheads, football fans and college students speak of their radical nationalistic views.

Fata Morgana is a film about dreams, friendship and survival, with the walls around Europe as its backdrop. 

"Walking with Cecilia" is the intimate portrait of an indgenous woman trying to Live a self-determined Life. CeciLia has left her ancestral village to be "free". Free from the traditions of her tribe, free from her former husband, free from the terror of the Guerilla groups controlling the region. But her desire to return to the piece of Land where she was born and raised makes her confront her own past.

The Kingdom of Mister Edhi is a fly-on-the-wall portrait of the conditions of women in Pakistan as seen through the eyes and work of a fascinating married couple: Abdul Sattar Edhi and his wife Bilquis Edhi

Documentary series "Children of Stalinism" made in coproduction of Czech Television and Sunfilms, in cooperation with FAMU tells political prisoners daughters of 50s life stories, from the times of communism up until today. Seven 26 minutes documentaries originated from political prisoners 'daughters' audiovisual testimonies shot by students of FAMU with 37 political prisoners daughters. The project was co-funded by European Commission grant "Europe for Citizens" and won European Commission "Golden Star 2008" award.

Capturing one orphan's extraordinary journey as he heads back to Bosnia 20 years on from the snipers and shelling in search of answers from his long lost family.

"Christmas Messages" is designed to be a new television format for getting closer to people living in our new Europe. The idea is based on the fact that many people living far from their home don’t have the opportunity to meet their relatives at the time of big feasts and holidays. Television gives them the chance to present, in public, their relatives with short video messages.

Arianna Azzolini - ItalyAn artist and her destiny of shaman in the Cape Flats of Cape Town.

Our Father is an everyday story between a father and son, Salvatore and Vannino. 48-year-old the former, 88 the latter, with snow-white hair. A story full of love, care and devotion.

4Stelle Hotel is the story of a self-organised community fighting for a better future: an occupied hotel on the outskirts of Rome inhabited by more than 200 families hailing from over 20 different nations.

Birds Way is a magical realist story, an Eastern European fairy tale – a creative documentary that follows the daily routine of an Old Believer community struggling to survive and maintain their traditions in spite of the overwhelming intrusion of modernity.

A documentary film following the struggle of Palestinian teenage boys trying to get back to life outside after being released from Israeli prisons. 

“Devil’s Colony” is a documentary that takes a deep look at the only remaining Leper colony left in Europe.

In following the protagonist León, the film reveals a diverse and beautiful country (Colombia) whose society still is in deep trouble because of the complexity of it´s recent history. 

Ghetto, brick factory, train station, mass graves - 60 years later the neighbours of the Hungarian Jews remember. What did they do and what could have been done? What did the bystanders see and what do they believe they saw in their small town community during the last days of World
War II?

The film follows the life of Godeliève and Florida. Despite their divided histories, these women are struggling for a common goal: breaking the silence, reconciliation, and political empowerment for women.

The African Spelling Book is a compilation of twenty 3 minute films made by a group of street children living in Nairobi, Kenya. The film is inspired by stories written by the children. Each story reflects their view of life in Kenya, and gives the viewer a unique chance to explore their world and their point of view.

A brave woman, Nermina, returns to Bosnia with her husband and children, back to her native village. Despite her memories of war and unemployment, Nermina is determined to rebuild her life in the place where she was born.

The Storyteller, 22 min documentary by Arngrim Ytterhus, production company Lillehammer Film AS.

The story of two female whistleblowers in Switzerland and the USA, who pay the price for their moral courage.

This is the story of a 17-year-old boy named Hari Rai, who lives in a small village in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, and his extraordinary journey.

Can someone, an individual, in this day and age change the world? Artist and inventor Peter Westerveld had no doubt in his mind that he could heal the land. Not only that, he said it was easy...

The Lifeboat Project is a unique web-documentary that focuses on the experiences of families living in Europe as they come to terms with hiv/aids.

A film about Ireland, austerity and daring to dissent.