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clash01 The animated theatrical documentary “Clash” tells the story of the violent clashes between African immigrants and Italian citizens at the Calabrian town of Rosarno in January 2010. The film sheds light on the complex factors at play in the build-up of this humanitarian crisis.


The universal icon of love has become the product of a billion dollar global market with severe impacts on people and nature. In the name of the rose will be an investigative film and a journey to the dark side of beauty.

ongota-1.jpgOngota is a story about an Italian linguist who goes to Ethiopia with a purely scientific mission: to document a dying language. With time passing by, he personally gets more and more involved with the 12 remaining speakers of Ongota. It is a struggle to alter the course of a possibly irrevocable destiny.

womenmovingtheworld.jpgAn interactive web documentary consisting of 3-minute documentaries about the contemporary lives of three generations of women around the world, showing the challenges women face as well as the solutions they find.

destination-lost The documentary will follow the story of Somali refugees who wanted to start a new life in Sweden but by accident ended up in Latvia, a country with no experience with immigrants and conservative views about people of different race.

A Tale of Two Nurses follows the journeys of two student nurses who make the biggest choices of their lives – whether to stay at home or travel across the world in the hope of earning more money.

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