Projects 2023

Dachi is a queer boy from a religious place in Georgia, oppressed by the Archbishop, religious society, and even his own family. He finds an old witch, taught and empowered with her magic spells he begins to change reality.

How can we face the harshness and the fragility of life? The heated, provocative and comical friendship between the European director and an Indian buddhist, lead us in a journey from the Alps to the Himalayas. The search of a possible answer becomes more important than the answer itself.

74-year-old villager Baytik covertly plans to honor his grandfather killed by Russian settlers in Kyrgyzstan during WWI and asks Izlam, a young ambitious artist, to paint for his future memorial. Their attitudes towards war and propaganda art reveal a deep divide.

Luis Miguel Domínguez is one of the best-known biologists in Spain. After a lifetime exploring new worlds, at the age of 56, a stroke leaves him paralyzed. After 4 years, he is able to walk again and has proposed a new adventure: exploring the virgin jungle of Equatorial Guinea.

In a world where human-animal relationships are often marked by exploitation and indifference, the unconventional interactions of a young woman with farm animals challenge societal norms and raise the question of how we want to coexist with other beings.

Peru's civil war between 1980 and 2001 claimed more than 70,000 lives. How can the rift that runs through the country up until today be overcome? Three former fighters from different sides of the conflict seek their own way out of their past. Their present life leads them to examine their memories.

The Sacrificed Valley is a film about the effects of industrial pollution on human health in a pre-alpine valley in Slovenia.

A filmmaker confronts his father's addictions after being invited to make a film by a group of alcoholic men living together in Edinburgh. What starts as a film about the
lives of these men becomes a harrowing exploration of male trauma.

Would a gold medal shine bright enough to actually see it if you have less than 10 percent vision? Character-driven documentary about blind athletes who play bowling and football mix of the game overcoming all obstacles to compete in the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games.

In the Arizona desert, a community of conservative Christian Romanians fear the socialism they left behind the Iron Curtain is making a comeback in their new home, the US. Two filmmakers travel the literal and emotional distance to understand how their fellow Romanians turned far-right Americans.

In the politically unstable Thailand, the newly emerging community of LGBTQ+ spiritual mediums help people to cope with their uncertain future by talking to the dead. In parallel, the non-binary shamans empower themselves by gaining recognition through their new spiritual role in society.

Two communities living on the foothill of the Shar mountain in Kosovo share the same land, but not the same destiny. Tensions are rising twenty years after the war. Is reconciliation possible?

In Kenya's patriarchal Maasai society, a young woman questions the deeper meaning of the search for love driven by her battle against female genital mutilation on the intersection with climate change.

A train driver and a filmmaker embark on a journey aboard an international train through Europe to uncover the astonishing world hidden behind the European train network. The enchanting romance of train travel is endangered by the murky political machinery behind it. How to get Europe back on track?

The rise and fall of a man and his country, seen through the eyes of the former mayor of Budapest. But what does the future hold for him and the country that shaped his life?

The film takes place in a small, provincial theatre, where the war and its aftermath shape the death, the life and the future of three different women.

Inside Papua New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean, the first independent investigative media emerges under fearless female leadership in a poverty-ridden country with the highest rate of gender based violence.

A damned bridge, a silenced speaker and a street horse roam the Brazilian island of Itaparica in search of shelter, but mercilessly crash into walls when the islanders see in them the perfect scapegoat.