I'll stand by you

ill stand by you


Two women, a psychologist and a police officer, engage in a challenging mission - to reduce the record suicide numbers in their rural hometown. Valija and Gintare provide door to door empathy and compassion, healing the loneliest members of their community. As fear of losing another life reaches its peak, the women form a resourceful friendship. Together they succeed to ease the crisis and prove that suicide prevention can be effective. Sensitive in its approach, "I'll Stand by You" conveys inspiration from a reality that is much more common than it seems.



Directors: Virginija VareikytÄ— and Maximilien Dejoie

Cinematographer: Maximilien Dejoie

Editor: Francesca Scalisi and Virginija Vareikytė

Music: Eugenio Mazzetto

Production Company: INSCRIPT

Production year: 2021

Running time: 74 min.

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