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Projects 2019

BEATS-N-PIECES is a coming-of-age story of teenage hip hop dancers who live on separate sides of the last divided country of Europe, Cyprus island. Their quest to bring together a dance crew and despite the border and take over the streets with their talents turns into a game with quirky missions.

The Forest’s Frontline is a cross-media project aiming to tackle the issue of deforestation in Indonesia. The project will frame the current situation through the accounts of a local activist and pair them with data analysis and visualizations, tracing the current status of forest degradation.

A skunkworks project to create radically new ways to encourage audiences to think critically on subjects, in this case, the Irish border through interaction, engagement and play. The goal is to develop a framework that combines documentary and gameplay techniques for use in narrative-based content.

In the VR experience KUSUNDA, you explore the memoirs of Gyani Maiya Sen, an 83-year-old indigenous woman who is the last speaker of an endangered language. By using your voice to speak in Kusunda, you trigger interactive journeys into Gyani Maiyas past and learn about a unique language and culture.

After more than 10 years when she tried to make her villagers believe in Santa Claus, Elena, a 42-year-old woman with a physical disability faces another challenge: to convince her family to respect her choices and ambition.

20billion trees die every year, vast landscapes changing in a matter of hours. Is it possible to give a positive value to destruction? A sculptor Robot and an arboriculturist will give a new meaning to these events. Science, art and nature will suggest a possibility of a new equilibrium.

The promise, rise and fall of the world’s largest industry, or: how developing countries turn into tourist destinations. From one of the last unspoiled beaches of Myanmar, to the irreversible gentrification of Mexican paradise, to new life inside the aging hotel landscapes of Tunisia.

Rudrani Chettri is a transgender activist, a warrior in India’s  gender and cultural wars; she fights to change how society sees her people. A film about identity, about the right to determine your own self-image, in a world complicated by centuries of restrictive stereotypes and prejudices.

Adolescence is never easy, but even less so if you're growing up in a Reception Center for Foreign Unaccompanied Minors with the clock ticking to obtain nationality before you turn 18.

War veterans gather on the ship Swan and together with a pacifist crew they go on a three week sailing-voyage. Through their stories we gain insight into a secret universe and are confronted with the uncensored truth about the human cost of Norway's participation in international operations.

An intimate portrait of hope and fear, the past and present of a proud, bicultural Polish - Romani in her 30s suffering from MS. In a hope to be cured and to belong, Roksana paves her way to God.

Six mothers, who in the past 30 years lived throughout a “regime change”, raised their severely disabled children, overcame the lack of childcare and support services, and survived the collapse of their families, have decided to sue the Hungarian state for ruining their lives.

“Show me your trash and I will tell you who you are.” The story deals with an environmental problem on the Rye Island and non-functional waste management in Slovakia. On the other side, it deals with the state of our society and ourselves.

People with a migration background are supported in their search for work by native Belgians. This series explores an elaborate group of career trajectories, passing by various socially embedded taboos and stigmas that play a major part in determining the lives of both new and 'indigenous' Belgians.

The film Ordinary Radicals portrays a revolutionary Christianity that returns to the roots of Jesus' message. The protagonists show how faith can turn into resistance. A film about the deep inquietudes of 5 individuals, looking for their contribution in a world riven by violence and oppression.

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