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Natalia has lived on her Kyiv plot surrounded by nature since she was born. She is the last one to not surrender to developers, and as a result, her tiny house is wrapped by blocks. When the war breaks out, Natalia stays home to fight for Ukraine.

In a country where most of migrant domestic workers are victims of human trafficking, Maryam, one of them, decides to bring this modern slavery to an end by fighting to get her passport back and leading the first union of its kind in Lebanon and the Middle East. Maryam is not a victim anymore; she is a fighter.

Two families find their lives turned upside down when a fire destroys their houses. Santiaga seeks ways for her almond plantations to adapt to extreme droughts, while Santos watches his river dry up. Across the seasons, how these people will adapt to the desertification happening in Southern Europe?

The project gathers stories about families with 4 generations of women under one roof in different countries and cultures, treating themes like: cooking, rituals, habits and women’s rites of passage within the multi-generational homes.

In the depopulating village of Deleyna, director-to-be Elena is trying to capture the story of the last grocery store, where young shopkeeper Krassi is striving for his existence. But he wants to be more than a mere film character to her and all villagers hope for the better.

Facing the threat of major changes from a heating planet, humanity is left with few choices. Geoengineering advocates and opponents confront us with the pros and cons of altering the climate triggering our inner con icts which come up when we think about our future and the necessity to take action. Welcome to the unknown realm of how to  x a broken planet!

After leaving Moldova to escape her abusive father, a young journalist returns to confront him, only to learn that he is being violently abused by his employer in Italy. Her investigation leads to the exploration of her own victimization at his hands.

An intimate interactive journey where your memories of a personal object is linked to that special someone who created it on the other end of the production line.

A café in the heart of the Marais in Paris, run by young people with severe Autism Spectrum Disorders, this is the atypical project "Our café" whose development we follow from the first workshops and works until the first year of opening.

A workshops in digital storytelling with Roma young people, run together with team of artists and researchers.

In a desolate farm a group of troubled men fight their addictions with a help of animals, nature and religion.

Kids Fight is a film about children who face recruitment by terrorist groups, drug abuse, poverty and fight their way out of predestined lives through Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in Pakistan.

After more than 10 years when she tried to make her villagers believe in Santa Claus, Elena, a 42-year-old woman with a physical disability faces another challenge: to convince her family to respect her choices and ambition.

An animated short film, narrated by Syrian medical staff explaining daily challenges they are facing to treat war wounded patients.

Rudrani Chettri is a transgender activist, a warrior in India’s  gender and cultural wars; she fights to change how society sees her people. A film about identity, about the right to determine your own self-image, in a world complicated by centuries of restrictive stereotypes and prejudices.

"Unforgivable” is the story of journalist Lena-Christin Kalle and her eight years of search to access the classified documents on how the Norwegian state treated the Norwegian girlfriends of German soldiers after World War 2.

“Show me your trash and I will tell you who you are.” The story deals with an environmental problem on the Rye Island and non-functional waste management in Slovakia. On the other side, it deals with the state of our society and ourselves.

As technological events are changing our way of life, when do we stop and look at our society from an ethical point of view, is humanity loosing its grasp on reality, or just ignorant of the future we are creating for the next generations.

People with a migration background are supported in their search for work by native Belgians. This series explores an elaborate group of career trajectories, passing by various socially embedded taboos and stigmas that play a major part in determining the lives of both new and 'indigenous' Belgians.

The interactive story tells the uncovering of a high school or university election going wrong due to conspiracy and fraud.

Davide is a 43 y/o man prisoner of a severe mental disorder. He lives with his father in in a small house in the Italian Alps. This peaceful place alongside their close relationship is Davide's safe haven allowing him to calm his erratic mind. Michele realises Davide will be alone one day and he decides to bring him up to be independent and emotionally strong, encouraging him to take control of his life.

A rebel feminist is suddenly a part of an unsaid code which peels layers of family structures around her.

WALLS is a documentary project from inside the walls of Greenland's prisons and correctional institutions. The stories are filmed and told by the inmates themselves to break through the stereotypes and perception of the 'us and them'. The tales are tough, sometimes aggressive, but also full of playfulness, creativity and intimacy. And a reflection on themselves, where life has taken them, and the system not the least.

Who decides if we will be born – both parents, or just the mother? Does it depend on biological conditions, spiritual forces, or perhaps – us personally?

My Father’s Daughter is a creative documentary about my sister, who disappeared 23 years ago.

Sexuality is a powerful motor for personal growth, development of one's own personality and social relations, and as such must be discussed by society. Because, like everyone else, the disabled love, flirt, desire, love, get excited. They're people.

Ole Blind guides us through a world where ears works as eyes and curbes are two meters high. Director and girlfriend Kristin is fascinated by how well he can function in daily life - but after years of exploring his world, it turns out that he shares the same fascination for her..

A voluntary teacher reaches out to children who are isolated due to regional blood feuds. While the children only think they’ll be killed, she hopes for a brighter future for them through education.

With EMPIRE OF OIL, I started a substantial inquiry into this most decisive resource by filming in the two contrary countries of Norway and Iraq with a 360°-camera. Does the powerful resource entail the potential for a social welfare utopia like Norway or does it lead to a never-ending war like in Iraq? What are the experiences of oil producers and the people in their local context? After an immersive art series, I would now wish to develop a virtual reality film out oft he 360°-footage.

Roj tv is the voice of the Kurdish people, a nation divided on earth but reunited on air. It is based in Belgium and has a Danish broadcasting licence. We will witness three weeks in the life of Roj tv, from March 4th to March 21st 2011. March 4th is the one year anniversary of a big raid by Belgian police at the tv. March 8th is international women's day, an important simbol in Kurdish culture. March 21st is Kurdish new year, the very climax of all activities and celebrations year round. All this happens while Denmark, under anti­terror laws, is reassessing if it should keep granting the channel its broadcasting licence.

Connected is a story of sea level change and indeed it is the story of the century. We have passed a tipping point and are now in a new era, one where the melting of global ice sheets will dramatically transform our world.

The documentary Girls Don’t Cry is a thoughtfully and visually attractive story about how the role of woman in society has changed from the Soviet times till nowadays and how this change has affected woman. The story is based on research on women magazines from Soviet time and today. Let’s inspect the covers of women’s magazines!

Refugees freeze to death in the greek refugee camps created as a consequences of EU migration policies. 24 year old Wafaa from Syria struggles with the question why. We follow her in the camp she lives in while she tries to come up with answers that don't involve people actively making decisions to put her in this situation. She finally concludes that other people are able to do this to her because she is a refugee to them, not a human being.

This film is about women, losing everything by giving birth, and getting a second chance to live a life in dignity.

Revealing Haiti’s struggle to take back control of what it eats, Haiti: Hunger and Politics is an eye-opening exposé of the politics of trade, aid and food.

An ordinary family, an ordinary life, nothing special at first sight. The only detail that makes them special is the fact that in the early 90s, Mr and Mrs Coroban – a doctor and a philologist with high education - left abroad for unqualified jobs because they wanted a better future for their children. And they never came back for good, only once a year or once in two years parents come home for a few days and they all try to act as a happy family.

Coming from a poor, shattered Roma family, Franci saw opportunity at a random meeting with the Pitt-Jolie actor star duo. Now, as an accomplished actress still on a quest to break out and heal family wounds, she sets out for Hollywood to learn about her true purpose and real identity to inspire others.

The Apuseni region (Western Carpathians) has been raising problems for decades in terms of sustainable local development. One of the most beautiful regions in Romania and one of the richest in terms of natural and cultural environment is today one of the poorest and less developed in Europe.

A Syrian female journalist and activist sends a public film message to Queen Maxima of the Netherlands about her TV project for women

"My Forty Acres" is two things at once. A serious, personal look at the increasingly complex link between place and identity after a century of modern mass migration. And a cross-cultural comedy of manners between East and West, the Urban and the Rural, and Father and Son.

The Multimedia-Project accompanies five activists and representatives of the newly founded Wampis-Nation in the northern part of Peru. The project shows their struggle and engagement for the recognition of their own state, ownership and self-governance of their territory. The project tells the history of the foundation of the indigenous nation in the peruvian amazon. With a set of audiovisual storytellingforms the project shows where the new nation stands two years after its foundation?

Right after Los Angeles, little Hungarian city of Mosonmagyaróvár has the second highest dentistry rate per inhabitant in the world. Film about the place often referred to as the Mecca of Teeth.

Living under ethnic insurgency and foreign invasions a brave and outspoken Iraqi boy starts a journey to adulthood. Raised by conflicts, now he has to choose his direction for his future; to revenge for his lost family, to be combat with insurgents or leave the country…

A ten times 25 minute series of documentary films about what life is really like for Europe's undocumented economic migrants.

Set in Uman, an apparently uninteresting city in central Ukraine, “Rebbellion” is an observational documentary film meditating upon the ephemeral transformation of the city and the life of its citizens coexisting in an extraordinary situation.

Dumitru Pop, a local sculpter in Maramures, leads his private invetsigation about the deceased’s life and death in order to make a ‘merry tombstone’ for Merry Cemetery - the oddest place in the world. What will be the deceased’s family reaction when they see his work? In the hands of Dumitru Pop lies the memory of future generations of the deceased…