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No pictures exist of Idrissa. His body is still missing. Does his family in Guinea know that he died in police custody in Barcelona? A case dismissed by the Spanish justice system. Another black live that doesn't matter. This is a tragic opportunity to understand Europe's colonial past and its enduring institutional racism.

In a country where most of migrant domestic workers are victims of human trafficking, Maryam, one of them, decides to bring this modern slavery to an end by fighting to get her passport back and leading the first union of its kind in Lebanon and the Middle East. Maryam is not a victim anymore; she is a fighter.

The project gathers stories about families with 4 generations of women under one roof in different countries and cultures, treating themes like: cooking, rituals, habits and women’s rites of passage within the multi-generational homes.

Facing the threat of major changes from a heating planet, humanity is left with few choices. Geoengineering advocates and opponents confront us with the pros and cons of altering the climate triggering our inner con icts which come up when we think about our future and the necessity to take action. Welcome to the unknown realm of how to  x a broken planet!

Jehad and Abdallah, founders of the Gaza Parkour Team, brought up together in the Gaza Strip but their choices divided them for years. Today, more than ever, they need to find out if there is a way that can lead to freedom someone who, like them, was born in prison.

Expressing your feelings might not come so easily after life pulls you away from your loved ones. But you can send them a box of oranges instead.

A voluntary teacher reaches out to children who are isolated due to regional blood feuds. While the children only think they’ll be killed, she hopes for a brighter future for them through education.

the_satellite_dish_army-1Roj tv is the voice of the Kurdish people, a nation divided on earth but reunited on air. It is based in Belgium and has a Danish broadcasting licence. We will witness three weeks in the life of Roj tv, from March 4th to March 21st 2011. March 4th is the one year anniversary of a big raid by Belgian police at the tv. March 8th is international women's day, an important simbol in Kurdish culture. March 21st is Kurdish new year, the very climax of all activities and celebrations year round. All this happens while Denmark, under anti­terror laws, is reassessing if it should keep granting the channel its broadcasting licence.

girlsdontcry1.jpgThe documentary Girls Don’t Cry is a thoughtfully and visually attractive story about how the role of woman in society has changed from the Soviet times till nowadays and how this change has affected woman. The story is based on research on women magazines from Soviet time and today. Let’s inspect the covers of women’s magazines!

This film is about women, losing everything by giving birth, and getting a second chance to live a life in dignity.

a_day_in_the_family-1.jpgAn ordinary family, an ordinary life, nothing special at first sight. The only detail that makes them special is the fact that in the early 90s, Mr and Mrs Coroban – a doctor and a philologist with high education - left abroad for unqualified jobs because they wanted a better future for their children. And they never came back for good, only once a year or once in two years parents come home for a few days and they all try to act as a happy family.

The Apuseni region (Western Carpathians) has been raising problems for decades in terms of sustainable local development. One of the most beautiful regions in Romania and one of the richest in terms of natural and cultural environment, is today one of the poorest and less developed in Europe.

My Forty Acres "My Forty Acres" is two things at once. A serious, personal look at the increasingly complex link between place and identity after a century of modern mass migration. And a cross-cultural comedy of manners between East and West, the Urban and the Rural, and Father and Son.

Right after Los Angeles, little Hungarian city of Mosonmagyaróvár has the second highest dentistry rate per inhabitant in the world. Film about the place often referred to as the Mecca of Teeth.

Photo by Lisa Glahn A ten times 25 minute series of documentary films about what life is really like for Europe's undocumented economic migrants.

Dumitru Pop Dumitru Pop, a local sculpter in Maramures, leads his private invetsigation about the deceased’s life and death in order to make a ‘merry tombstone’ for Merry Cemetery - the oddest place in the world. What will be the deceased’s family reaction when they see his work? In the hands of Dumitru Pop lies the memory of future generations of the deceased…

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