Projects 2022

On Referendum day in Barcelona, Marta was brutally dragged down the stairs by police officers. Her image went immediately viral. How being at the news one single day can change one person’s life for ever?

Natalia has lived on her Kyiv plot surrounded by nature since she was born. She is the last one to not surrender to developers, and as a result, her tiny house is wrapped by blocks. When the war breaks out, Natalia stays home to fight for Ukraine.

Despite their clashing personalities, transgender women Madonna and Veronica decide to work together in order to escape their transphobic home country Georgia. On the road to seeking political asylum in Belgium, their journey slowly transforms into a quest for spiritual self-discovery and acceptance

100th Meridian is an immersive experience that unpacks the hardship and conflicting interests brought on by the longest-running drought in the United States. The project follows people who are working the land as they come to terms with dwindling sources of water in the American West.

Let us invite you to a dull trip in Poland. 8km, 3h, asphalt road - to a nice lakeview, goes the whole nation. Breathtaking shots of man and of nature, that was already photographed by everyone else. Is a peaceful coexistence of all those human and non-human species still possible?

A modern product called Happiness, which we are supposed to increase as much as possible before we die, has replaced the ancient myth of Paradise. The obsession with happiness has many dangers but we still need the myth. People from 3 continents talk about life’s challenges and reasons to smile.

This is the story of a family and of a country which no longer exist. The country was Yugoslavia, the family was mine.

Two families find their lives turned upside down when a fire destroys their houses. Santiaga seeks ways for her almond plantations to adapt to extreme droughts, while Santos watches his river dry up. Across the seasons, how these people will adapt to the desertification happening in Southern Europe?

In a society where creating human life in a petri dish is being sold as the ultimate way out of childlessness, the pressure on women who want to become mothers, has never been higher. But nobody wants to talk about the over 50% that will never take home that baby.

Nils Anders' dream of continuing the family's traditional reindeer husbandry is threatened by a society´s need of «a green economy».

60 years of war fractured Colombia into scattered and confused sides. "Pieces of Peace" illustrate testimonies of survivors who, from their pain and hopes, summon us to resist the ravages of violence and fear.

The stories behind the abandoned land of coal villages. Like a modern Angelus Novus we are looking at the past, while trying to stand against progress. Some carry it off others are being sacrificed like canaries in a coal mine. People in coal villages are the modern canaries. Or maybe we all are?

When Europe turned the Mediterranean Sea into a border wall, it became the stage for a tragedy without an audience. A group of ordinary citizens decided to act and bought a ship: this is the story of Mediterranea, a grassroots movement for the preservation of life and Italy's only sea rescue NGO.

In the depopulating village of Deleyna, director-to-be Elena is trying to capture the story of the last grocery store, where young shopkeeper Krassi is striving for his existence. But he wants to be more than a mere film character to her and all villagers hope for the better.

A young Senegalese city-dweller and his childhood friends take it upon themselves to change the fate of their community armed with paper, a pot of glue and a bag full of tricks.

For orphan Jana, Motherhood has always been priceless. When years later, she’s raising a kid single and homeless, Jana becomes a surrogate to offer her daughter the life she never had. Nine months and 14.000 USD. Is it that simple and priceless?

A Documentarian who is scared to be tied, intends to find out what drives people to feel altered by being tied. How kinbaku (shibari) rope tying, born as a method of Samurai torture, could become an emancipatory and therapeutic healing tool?

In Iran, Asiyeh was an "almond eye" with no passport, no rights and exposed to constant violence. Now in Austria since 2014, she is determined to write a book about her brutal experiences, become a human rights lawyer and travel back to reembrace her lost friend and fight for her people: the Hazara.