Projects 2024

In Italy, who choose to dedicate their lives to dance already know they will tread the precarious path. With Alex, young father, Hip Hop dancer, and Afro-descendant, we will explore the complexity of this artistic life through an intersectional lens, revealing a slice of Italian society rarely told.

How much East Germany is in me and my generation and how does this influence us today? - Through performative tasks and self-reflection, guided by a director probing her East German roots, 3 people socialized in the East seek to reconcile their past and present amid rising societal divides.

10 years after the ISIS genocide, a chain of film letters is started among a group of Yezidi women friends and family members that have been separated by their fleeing and migration journeys. The last letter is addressed to a friend who was kidnapped. Where is she, now that ISIS is defeated?

Reflecting on their debut performance five years ago, delving into their social roles, Ino Kollektiv faces a crucial moment. Some consider leaving, others wish to join, prompting the need to redefine identity through a new show. Will it be enough to rediscover vision and establish a fresh identity?

A seasoned Galapagos fisherman battles corruption and luxury tourism threatening his homeland’s fragile ecosystem. Through his eyes, we delve into the islands' rich biodiversity and the interplay between conservation efforts, local livelihoods, and global development forces.

Aleix traverses Catalonia's Gavarras mountains by foot, accompanied by Rossellá and Ginesta, two of his 14 Catalan breed donkeys. Together they navigate the challenges of climate crisis and unveil a tale of defiance against extinction.

From childhood stigma to rewriting history: Amine challenges the narrative 'Black people don't swim!' which has lead to many deaths. The documentary SWIMMING THROUGH HISTORY unveils personal journeys, cultural depth, and historical truths, redefining the bond between black individuals and water.

Over the course of four years, a young theoretical physicist fights over an equation that can unravel the nature of reality. Overcoming depression and self-doubts, he is reminded by quantum physics that to be is to be connected and reality is not made of individuals but in the relation with others.

Every two days, a woman dies of an unsafe abortion in Brazil. But a fierce activist creates a project that challenges this reality by helping women to end unwanted pregnancies safely, whether by finding loopholes in anti-abortion laws or taking them to other countries.

Zement Beočin, a follow-up documentary, tells the story of different people whose lives take place under a grey cloud of cement. The film gives voice to the local people and takes a critical look behind the scenes of the dealings of the billion-dollar corporation Holcim Lafarge in Serbia.

“Children are magic because they look for it.” – Christopher Moore

The video explores the history of an apartment in Georgia, spanning both Soviet and post-Soviet times. It provides an insightful look into how people gained and lost homes over time, reflecting the shifting dynamics in Georgia's societal landscape.

In her feature documentary, the director Hannah P.Harper, observes her and her friends’ transformation inside a theatre community in the biggest Slovak village of Serbia over ten years. While remembering who they were, they create a series of unique performances that question: What have they become?

Venturing into wide spreading phenomenon in Lithuania known as "men's tribes," this documentary boldly navigates the complex intersections of psychological well-being and modern masculinity, shedding light on controversial yet compelling aspects of contemporary manhood.

Born under the One-Child policy, Zhao Yong finds his family in the Blue Devils, Ultras of Shanghai Shenhua FC.

Surviving the concrete jungle: The fascinating tale of Istanbul’s animal populations, as they struggle, adapt and coexist with humans amidst rapid urbanization and habitat loss.

ICEBERG showcases initiatives seeking answers to the socio-environmental challenges we face while reframing central questions of human history and collective worldview to reimagine our society in a different form.

12 eyes, 12 ears and 6 souls gather around a final weapon in an isolated field, tracing the trajectory of "a vertical sigh".