Padre Nostro

Our father - Carlo Lo Giudice

Padre Nostro is a love story. The everyday story between a father and son, Salvatore (50) and Vannino (90) with snow-white hair. A spontaneous and true relationship, which sometimes makes people uneasy.
Salvatore and Vannino share everything, even their bed, semi-naked, to keep each other company. Disregarding the imposition of masculinity, they fall asleep in each other arms because Vannino can’t sleep if Salvatore doesn’t scratch his back a little.


With: Salvatore e Vannino Schembari
Direction, DoP, Sound: Carlo Lo Giudice
Production: CLG, ARCHINET s.r.l.
Post production manager: Serge Trefaut
Editing: Pedro Duarte, Serge Trefaut
Audio mix: Tiago Matos (MOS)
Color correction and image post production: GRACA CASTANEIRA
Executive production: Carlo Lo Giudice
World sales distributor: VITAGRAPH
Screening format: Betacam SP/4:3/STEREO
Year of production: 2009
Lenght: 40’

Awards and festivals:
- "Vela d'Argento" at Bellaria Film Festival 2009
- Best Documentary at Genova Film Festival
- first prize "Tasca d'Almerita" at Salina DOC Fest
- Doc_Europa, Lisbon