Let the sea take away all evil


Itaparica is a paradisiacal island.However,3 phenomena burden the inhabitants.There are the horse gangs that make the streets unsafe,the bridge that has been divisive for the past decade, and the paredões with their insolent talk and deafening noise,that tarnish the youth.At least, this is the prevailing story. One day a little soul tumbles from the Great Nest and plunges into the bodies of 3 unsuspecting creatures.
They look like the island’s phenomena, but not quite..
They are built from old mechanics: a scruffy horse searches for shelter, a shaky bridge maquette rolls from the construction belt and undertakes its journey to the strait of Itaparica and Salvador..
However, like the real bridge,it is endlessly impeded by opponents.And a self-propelled speaker is released from police station after it has been confiscated during a favela party.Feeling silenced, it decides to speak up. These creatures totally mess up the old story.Expelling them seems to be the only way to bring back harmony.


Participant: Laura Vandewynckel