Tie me not


"Tie Me Not" is a journey of understanding the art of tying through Shibari communities developed in different cultural dynamics. It observes the effects of normative constructed gender on Shibari practitioners, which is revealed in the film through human connection with ‘ropes and knots’ from Estonian make-up artist Elsa’s world. Film examines the participating motivations of those who take part in a rope session; who ties (rigger), the one who is tied, and the participant audience of the rope sessions. Film evolves with Elsa’s work travels, on set friendships and the discovery of local Shibari communities in different countries (Estonia, Finland, Germany). This film documents the passion, diverse opinions and motivations of enthusiasts and practitioners, as well as observing the effect of social constructs, gender roles, obstacles, challenges at both personal and social level that the pursuit of Shibari has brought to a person's life.


Participant: Umut Vedat