Warriors and the Swan

Peace nation Norway is one of the countries in the world that participates in most wars. Our modern war veterans are therefore many, but not particularly visible. Every summer veterans from all over Norway gathers on the ship Swan. Many are struggling with trauma and dealing with everydaylife. Knowing coping at sea and meeting others with same experience means tremendously. Together with a crew they go on a three week journey. As civilians we’re invited into a veteran environment that wants to share, be seen and create understanding. The warriors on the Swan is a character driven road movie at sea. We get to know veterans, a paciEst mate and a young female Erst time servant. The ship becomes a studio where conversations, activities and inner processes take place. The journey along the Norwegian coast offers certain weather challenges, but the main nerve and the exciting conflicts lie within and among the characters. For many the war never ends and it’s into these rooms we’re going.

Participant: Trude Ottersen - Norway