A myth called Happiness


Trying to decipher the mysteries of happiness has been a preoccupation since ancient times, but in our times its pursuit became a self-centered obsession and even an obligation. The science and industry of happiness say that if we are not happy, it’s because we do not try hard enough. No philosophy in history has underestimated the external conditions so much, as positive psychology has made us believe in neoliberal times. Its debated suggestions to be happy can create more frustration in those who struggle. An unselfish search of meaning can be an alternative. Many concepts of happiness coexist in the world. People from different contexts, from teenagers till elders, tell their problems and the stories they tell themselves in order to face misfortune and eventually enjoy life. They live in Berlin, Colombia, Croatia and in the Sahrawi refugee camps in Algeria. Voices of researchers in fields like philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, history and sociology complement the essay film.


Participant: Yango Gonzalez