ALL INCLUSIVE – A Triptych on Tourism

Driven by hope for a better life, a southeast-Asian businessman seeks to turn the coast and the people of his homeland into tourist attractions. Meanwhile in the Caribbean, pristine white sand is being mined to build grey concrete structures. On the south side of the Mediterranean, a computer scientist-turned receptionist pretends he is a guest in an otherwise empty hotel. And at the world’s largest industry fair, Angela Merkel hails tourism’s record growth as a global success.
The three episodes correspond to different phases of a single greater development – before, during, and after tourism. The locations are revealed as the stories unfold: Myanmar, Mexico, Tunisia and a trade fair in Berlin – the three beach towns on di;erent continents are starting points for our journey into the world of the fastest growing industry of today, tourism, and its promises: fun and fulCllment through traveling and hosting, more dialogue in a pluralistic world, and prosperity for all.

Participant: Max Kerkhoff - Austria