Eight years in a refugee camp in Iran, another eight years of hiding, violence and the shame for being an “almond eye”. Without a passport, without rights. In 2014, the escape to Austria with her family. Asiyeh (23) understands only here that being an “almond eye” means to be a Hazara, a people which has been persecuted in Afghanistan for centuries, now again by the Taliban. Asiyeh is determined: she wants to write a book about the violence she has experienced and which cannot be talked about in her family. She studies international law and hopes to return to Iran at some point. As a human rights lawyer, she wants to stand up for the Hazara. And she wants to see her friend Parvin again, the only emotional connection to the place where she grew up. An intimate portrait of a young woman who wants to break the silence about her experiences of violence. A contemporary document about the oppression of an entire people. And a message of courage and hope.


Participant: Bernadette Weber