KEIMZEIT - The time of germination

During the night of last 29th October, overwhelmed by exceptional winds, about 14million trees collapsed in only a few hours. The ecological and environmental balance of Northern Italy is believed to have been compromised. The landscape has changed overnight, the population is still shaken.
A mechanical arm is hesitant in front of the trunk. It starts to carve it. We don't know what shape it has in mind, but the stem is slowly formed into a cloud of sawdust and fog. Out of the trunk, a human form slowly comes to life, an incredible man/tree.
Andrea Maroè has been climbing the tallest trees in the world for years. After the collapse of his forest, he is no longer the same. Now he wants to create an experimental forest capable of withstanding climate change and human intervention. How to conceive of a new forest? The Crst results will be seen in a time frame of 100/150 years. Why and for whom do we replant a forest?

Participant: Davide Grotta - Italy