Gypsy Gadji

Roksana, a Polish-Romani in her 30s lives in Wroclaw. Both, the Polish and Roma society wants her to take sides and denounce the other culture, but she remains proud to be both.
Her personal and work lives are often intertwined. As a school assistant to Roma children, she has tight bonds with the Roma families. She is trusted with their secrets, often asked to help in oZcial matters that regularly bring her moral dilemmas.
At 31 Roksana was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Despite Roksana’s strong core, the illness shattered her to the ground. She was on her knees, humiliated, filled with uncontrollable fear.
Since the fear amplified her feeling of not belonging, Roksana discovered God, a reaction to acknowledging and living with her illness. It is in church that she feels truly accepted. Will her devotion, manifested in regular attendance of masses, pilgrimages and anointing ceremonies bring her the desired cure?


Dasa Raimanova - Slovakia