A Tale of Two Nurses

Every year, over 10,000 foreign nurses come to work in the UK. Thousands more come to work across Europe - France, Germany and Spain.  Many of these are from Africa.  A Tale of Two Nurses follows the journeys of two student nurses who make the biggest choices of their lives – whether to stay at home or travel across the world in the hope of earning more money. The film begins with them together in Malawi and follows them as they embark on the next stage of their lives. One stays in Malawi, one goes to the UK. Their stories are interwoven throughout the film, linked by their letters and phone calls to each other.  Through these compelling personal stories of two young women and the choices they make that change their lives, we find out what the ‘brain drain’ means for developing countries losing qualified professionals faster than they can produce them, and get a compelling insight into Western health care - from the perspective of the thousands that come from abroad to work in European hospitals every year.

A Tale of Two Nurses is currently in development, funded by MEDIA New Talent.

Director: Rosa Rogers
Producers: Hilary Durman / Karen Gilchrist
Company: Resource Base