The Irish Border: 100 years of trouble

As an Irishman that grew up beside the border, I’m acutely aware of its impact. From stories of petty crimes like smuggling butter, sugar and tea to the serious attacks that occurred over its near 100 years of existence. The project’s goal is to highlight the ridiculous nature of the border, of trying to police the border and also how the reintroduction could impact people.
To achieve this I will create a series of small interactive pieces using gameplay techniques that have been designed for the narrative. The documentary will focus on three areas. The history of the border with stories on smuggling, policing and living on the border. The present day and how a border will divide small villages and farms. And to the future with how the border could impact not just people's way of life but peace on the island.
The goal for this period is to explore the past segment to create an interactive experience on the history of the Irish border..

Participant: Paul Dillon - Ireland