Destination Lost

The documentary will follow the story of Somali refugees who wanted to start a new life in Sweden but by accident ended up in Latvia, a country with no experience with immigrants and conservative views about people of different race.

They spent a year in the illegal immigrants camp while the state institutions were trying to decide what to do and then at some point where let out to the streets of Riga  without a place to stay, no documents or means for survival, and without a possibility to travel to a different state. The only people who were prepared to take responsibility for their fate was a small parish - Riga Reformed Church that has been excluded from Latvian church community for their liberal views.

The film will evolve around the life stories of two to three protagonists and follow their fate as they try to pursue their dreams in Latvia. The film will be built around little everyday episodes – sometimes funny, sometimes sad that will reflect how Somalis find their place in Latvia. Following their daily life and talking to them the film will also bring upfront society’s attitudes by picturing the social fabric surrounding the Somalis: the work place of the adults in Riga and the high school that the teenagers attend. The neighbours, classmates, colleagues at work will contribute to the impression on attitudes towards the representatives of another race in Latvian society.
The arrival of the Somali refugees in Latvia, where the black community is around 20 people, has initiated many of the discussions in society that have been ongoing in the rest of Europe for a few decades. The Somalis are the first ‘real’ refugees who are trying to integrate by studying and working in Latvia. Thus, the film will not only touch on the issues important for society but also make a revealing and interesting story for any curious person.

Length 52’
format HDV, 16:9,
Expected release DECEMBER 2008
Script Krista Vavere
Director Kaspars Goba
Camera Agris Berzulis, Kaspars Goba
Producer Ieva Ubele
Production ELM MEDIA, Riga (LV)