The Gods Must Be Mistaken


The film tells the intimate story of a yugoslav family marked by upheavals, hope, destruction and new beginnings.The grandma was a partisan, she fought against fascism and for the revolution, the mother rebelled against this revolution and saw the country go up in flames in a new war, the son makes a film about her and about a country that no longer exists.The war breaks out. The mother goes to the occupied city of Sarajevo and supports her friends who have decided to stay in the city and provide the population with culture. The grandma is angry about her daughter's decision. Yugoslavia no longer exists. While the mother is in Sarajevo the Son lives in a large flat in Berlin, which is full of people who have fled Bosnia. Through the fragmentary narrative based on the literary power of my mother's and grandma's texts, the film constructs an essayistic collage that is interwoven with images from the film archives of the former Yugoslavian region to create a cinematographic experience.


Participant: Jakob Krese