Animalium Istanbul


A new day dawns in Istanbul. The sun sends its rays through clouds, warming the air hanging above the city's residents. But this is no ordinary morning. Dolphins in Bosphorus squeak louder than usual as a massive ship passes by. A flock of storks rest in the midst of the refuge dividing the eight lanes of the newly constructed highway, while trucks pass at high speed. A family of wild boars leave one behind as they attempt to cross the sea to reach the last piece of forest on the opposite coast. But wait...Isn't there something strange about all this? These animals are acting differently from what they are supposed to. Explosions echo in Istanbul's forests, transforming into the foundations of a new bridge, while lakes hosting migratory birds are cemented for a new airport runway. As the city expands, its animal inhabitants confront a shrinking world. The question looms: will they adapt to survive in this new environment, or face the risk of suffering and extinction?


Participant: Sila Unlu Intepe