Fighting for Women's Lives


"Fighting for Women's Lives" is a feature documentary about abortion in Brazil from the perspective of activist Juliana Reis, who is the creator of an NGO that helps women have abortions legally and safely, called "Miles for Women's Lives". The main narrative is structured around Juliana and reveals the difficult scenario of reproductive rights in Brazil, where every two days a woman dies due to an unsafe abortion. In a secondary narrative line, the film focuses on the women who seek Juliana for help and follows their abortion journeys, either in Brazil or abroad, with unprecedented access to these stories. The documentary also shows how the protagonist identifies loopholes in the law to increasingly expand access to everyone who believes that a pregnancy could put their well-being - psychological or physical - at risk. And with that, it raises the question: how can she pave the way for a broad decriminalization of abortion in Brazil?


Participant: Julia Lima