An Instant of non existence


Hannah, the director, coming from a long search for belonging, trying to reconnect with her Slovak roots, travels to Backi Petrovec, one last time to meet the group of actors from the local theatre that she has gotten to know over the last 10 years. The director comes back to this Slovak village in Serbia with a proposal: to work together, to create individual performances that question identity. With the help of archive footage and an intimate exploration of Marina, Kinez, Marija, Jani and Sandra’s lives, dreams, and doubts; Hannah explores her own sense of place. Born with Slovak heritage, she tries to perfect her language skills and observe her sense of belonging while getting up on stage to share a state of vulnerability with the others. As they build the narrative together archive footage, daily bike rides and poetic visions of the village fill the screen as they search for who they were and who they have become.


Participant: Hannah Papacek Harper