An apartment


The video examines apartment as multifaceted political, economic, social, and cultural entity. Divided into two parts, the first section explores the housing policies of the Soviet Union, detailing various methods of obtaining an apartment over different periods, repressions and construction of housing units for soviet elite during Stalin and the era of mass housing construction from the late 50’s. The second part outlines the absence of a housing policy in independent Georgia, addressing issues such as debt, fraud, evictions and homelessness. Through its narrative, the video describes the passage of time, illustrating the evolving political and social landscape by tracing the trajectory of the apartment. What are the dimensions and significance of an apartment in Georgia? How do individuals acquire and subsequently lose their apartments? The video narrates the historical context, illustrating how apartments serve as a reflection of the times and political or social changes in Georgia.


Participant: Mariam Natroshvili