Swimming Through History


SWIMMING THROUGH HISTORY delves into the profound bond between black individuals and water, intertwining personal narratives, cultural insights and historical revelations. Three protagonists drive the narrative: Amine's journey from cultural stigma to empowerment embodies the film's message. He is breaking a childhood trauma of drowning by learning how to swim and teaching his daughter. Yase's efforts to democratize swimming in Accra challenge societal norms. She wants swimming to be accessible for all. A family in Ganvié showcases water's role in liberation during colonial times. Today, the village needs to find solutions against pollution and rising water levels. The film illuminates the struggles and triumphs of black communities with water, addressing intergenerational fears, cultural taboos, and postcolonial legacies. Ultimately, it is a testament to resilience, empowerment and the transformative power of rewriting narratives.


Participant: Brenda Jorde