Children of Reunification


Children of Reunification, now in their mid-20s to mid-30s, were shaped by the GDR without directly experiencing it. The documentary intertwines the lives of those who stayed behind and those who left, including the offspring of a Vietnamese contract worker; A man feeling left behind turning to the narratives of the new right; A young entrepreneur who is trying to build a business without her parents' financial cushion. Amidst it all, the director herself confronts her own East German biography. How do the upheavals of the post-reunification period still affect them today? The film captures their quest for understanding - the director provides the setting and the tools of performative tasks - the protagonists, driven by their longing for answers, engage in self-examination, sometimes using their own camera to confront their families.How will the protagonists reconcile their present? In an era of growing radicalization, can such confrontations foster mutual understanding and acceptance?


Participant: Luisa B├Ąde