A Fisher's Tale


Celso Garcia, 74, was born on the Galapagos Islands. His grandfather taught him fishing, his uncle taught him navigation by the stars. While he's a native, Celso feels that his status and associated rights are being taken away. He believes that a sinister alliance of national park officials, hoteliers, and shipowners is striving to turn the islands into an exclusive destination for luxury tourists. The film adopts Celso's perspective, showcasing his understanding and observations of the unique wildlife. He shares his experiences on the sea, recounting nights under the stars and days studying the secrets of marine life. His narratives are imbued with a profound love and respect for nature and a sharp critique of those who act under the guise of conservation but fail to grasp the true essence of the Galapagos Islands: Heritage of all beings. As a chronicler of the islands, he observes changes and addresses injustices, even if he's battling against the odds.


Participant: Maximilian Feldmann