Zement Beočin


In Beočin HolcimLafarge burns hazardous waste for cement production, enjoying political carte blanche from the Serbian government - to the detriment of the environment and the population.The cement factory is the common thread that connects all protagonists: ZLATKO, environmental activist, is working hard to push Holcim Lafarge to implement more environmentally friendly practices. DARKO,once a promising boxer, returns to Beočin after a ten-year prison sentence. In his absence, his mother, brother and father have died of cancer. ERVIN works as a temporary laborer at the cement factory's hazardous waste incineration plant. He feeds his family at the expense of his own health while battling a mysterious skin rash. The film is a follow-up documentary to the film „Cement" from 2003 which not only continues the individual stories of the people of Beočin but also takes a critical look behind the scenes of the activities of the multi-billion-dollar corporation in an non EU- Country.


Participant: Tamara Milosevic