Letters from Besiri


Mayasa (23), Nasia (25), Nahla (26), Aida (24), and Khaleeda (29) are Yezidis from Iraq who share one thing: after the genocide they fled with their families to the Kurdistan of Turkey, and lived for a long time as neighbors and friends in Besiri, a small village transformed into a refugee camp.
Now, 10 years later, they look back at their friendship and remember the moments they shared, evaluating the aftermath of a conflict that changed their lives forever. Some of them are still in Besiri, waiting to receive an asylum visa, others managed to migrate, and some had to come back to Iraq to a displacement camp, because they were denied asylum.
Letters from Besiri brings us into the world of young women whose lives are full of energy and humor. But not everything is easy: those who migrated feel guilty when they don’t manage to integrate in the new countries, and those who stayed feel that their lives are in a stand-by. Some have friends who were kidnapped and never came back.


Participant: Vanessa Del Campo Gatell