Donkey Pace


In the landscape of Catalonia's Gavarras mountains, Aleix Monguillot, a 65-year-old native of Barcelona, leads a life deeply intertwined with nature. Living in total solitude, save for the companionship of his loyal dog Ringo, he inhabits an ancient stone house without electricity and cares for 14 Catalan breed donkeys, each bearing the name of a native plant. As a forest guard entrusted with safeguarding the region against the looming threat of wildfires, Aleix's days are filled with purpose and vigilance. With a keen eye and intimate knowledge of the terrain, he patrols the landscape, tirelessly working to prevent the devastation wrought by climate change-induced drought. His story demonstrates that the fight against climate change is waged not only in the vast battlegrounds such as tropical forests and oceans but also in the narrow dirt trails.


Participant: Miguel Angel Herrera