The flowers of Nesang


Ben, a 16-year-old Western boy, follows his father in a journey to the other side of the world, and meet Negi, a 30 years old Indian man with a deep spirituality living in the Himalayan mountains.
Both come from families marked by the drama of unexpected death.
After almost 20 years Ben is still impressed by the way Negi deals with the difficulties and risks of his daily life. He feels the need to investigate how it is possible to accept death, and if the extreme high mountain culture of Negi is a valid alternative to the materialistic Western world.
The heated, provocative and comic discussions between the two lead us in a journey from the Alps to the Himalayas, through the contradictions of the protagonists' expectations.
Negi’s three adoptive children and his tiny old mother help us explore his harmonies and incoherencies, and Giuseppe Cederna, who travelled to those mountains with the ashes of his mother, gives us a fresh gaze on Negi, our “ministry of the Everyday”.


Participant: Beniamino Casagrande