2 work

In this 6 part documentary series, we'll follow people in Belgium with a migration background where natives help in their search for the right job. Each episode starts out by exploring the characters' individual path: what's the current situation of both our mentor and their mentee, and how do they view the world that surrounds them? From there, they join each other on a journey of six months with the ultimate aim of finding the mentee a job that suits him or her, with the help of their mentor. However, the impact of this journey won't only be limited to the mentee, as the mentor, too, will grow internally, inevitable questioning their view of the world. Each episode has the same structure, with tension based on the stories and dramatic evolution of each of two characters whose paths cross at different times. By immersing ourselves in the world of our characters by telling their personal story, their doubts and changes in their world view, we'll explore several socially relevant themes.

Participant: Annabel Verbeke - Belgium