Waste is us

Trash island takes place on a real river island which is the largest drinking water supply in Slovakia. Its potential takes European measures and protecting this environment should be a priority for all of us. Unfortunately, it isn't. The story deals with an environmental problem on the Rye Island and non-functional waste management in Slovakia. How is it possible? Why? Is the reason continuously convalescing society from the latest regime? Where does the disinterest in public places come from? Is it a gypsy issue or money issue? The films ́ idea comes out of live experiences of Ján Šipoš, local citizen and activist who has been dealing with the problem of illegal demounting, monitoring it and making efforts to change the situation. Statements of our protagonists uncover how the illegal activity functions and in contrary how it should work without any consequences on environment. What is the solution? Will a change in legislative help or is the problem deeper in our society?

Participant: Jakub Sipos - Slovakia