A Day In The Family

An ordinary family, an ordinary life, nothing special at first sight. The only detail that makes them special is the fact that in the early 90s, Mr and Mrs Coroban – a doctor and a philologist with high education - left abroad for unqualified jobs because they wanted a better future for their children. And they never came back for good, only once a year or once in two years parents come home for a few days and they all try to act as a happy family.
Victoria, their daughter, was 12, now she is 24, her brother, Catalin, should have been 29, but he died in mysterious circumstances. Deep in their hearts, they all feel that a family is something more than just money and daily calls, but they are caught in kind of an imposed comfortable routine. Mrs. Coroban, still works as a cleaner in Greece, Mr. Coroban works in Portugal, finally, few years ago he got a job as a doctor. Victoria grew up practically on her own and still lives and works in Moldova, getting constant material support from her parents.
The film reveals one day of their life as it is, as an unquestionable reality. Nice family stories, beautiful memories, happy days, but… they all have an end 12 years ago.
At the hospital he tells nice stories of his daughter, his wife is cleaning an office and meantime remembers what a happy day was it when their son was born, the girl still remembers her parents’ 10th anniversary. What’s wrong? The end is wrong. The final part is their return from work, in empty houses where nobody waits for them. A daily routine dominated by loneliness.

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Director/Producer: Dumitru Marian
Director of Photography: Marin Iliut