Flowers of Ukraine


Mrs. Natalia is 67 years old. She lives on a plot of land in Kyiv where she was born, gave birth to her children and where she wishes to spend the rest of her days. She is fighting developers who are erecting a massive housing estate of multi-story blocks around the site of a village. She opposes the construction of an underground parking garage on the site of her home. She is not afraid to run among the bulldozers that frequently enter her neighborhood trying to threaten her. Her plot looks like a mess, with the entire infrastructure resembling a temporary shelter for homeless people. It is, however, a paradise on earth for Natalia. It is a kind of oasis of peace, independence, and, most importantly, freedom for the people who live in her "kingdom". When the war breaks out, Natalia does not leave her land defending not only her territory but also her city. Her history is a metaphor for the Ukrainian nation's strength and resistance.


Participant: Adelina Borets