Cherry Trees on Fire


Veronica is a famous character in the nightlife scene of Tbilisi. She is Loud, charismatic, a great dancer. Sick of her life riddled with intoxicants, prostitution and poverty, she decides to run away from Georgia, before its too late. Madonna is more optimistic regarding the future. With the money she earns from prostitution, she pays for private lessons to get her high school diploma. After that she is determined to flee Georgia and get an education. Despite their clashing personalities, they are united by a common friend who pushes them to work together to get asylum in Belgium. As Madonna and Veronica take on the complicated bureaucratic challenges, we follow their lives and the harsh realities of the Georgian trans community. During this journey, many repressed fears have to be faced, which will help them to overcome their differences and start to accept each other and themselves. With personal growth in their luggage, they eventually travel to Belgium, to a new, safer future.


Participant: Bakar Cherkezishvili