Marios is a theoretical physicist from war-torn Cyprus. He departs from a troubled family history and seeks solace in the abstract realms of quantum theory. Little does he know, he becomes part of the new scientific and technological revolution. While being hunted by the thought of losing everything again after his family's displacement, physics becomes an escape for him - a sanctuary from the ghosts of war and the shadows of depression. His deep yearning to make sense of the world leads him to question the very foundations of our existence. Will his research into the uncharted territories of physics heal him or unveil an even greater chaos? In a spiral of scattered equations, his research, initially a solitary pursuit, revolves around solving the century-old enigma of merging general relativity with quantum mechanics. Despite his absent minded and introverted demeanor, he will gather some of the brightest quantum physicists in the world to redefine our understanding of reality.


Participant: Alessandro Leonardi