Villages of Light

lillak villages of light


Logline: A quest to reverse and transform the social and economic structures to save mankind from self-destruction.


Synopsis: In 6 episodes of the series we look for an answer - is there a replicable model that could be transferred to the rest of society to make a radical transformative switch? The variation of communities covers success stories from the 60-ies like Zegg (GER); Damanhur (IT), a centre of theurgic rituals and magic healing of the Earth; Tamera (Portugal) - a free love community, that acts on a global system change, from war to peace, from fear to trust; Suderbyn (SWE) - a grassroot experimenting ground for low-tech energy solutions and permaculture. Traditional Anastasia community Kovcheg (RU). The story arc evolves through the 6 episodes from a very basic rural initiative to esoteric and spiritual practices, to explore the various ways to make the shift in a totally different level. Behind the idealistic aspirations lay a deep-rooted controversy of individuals having to abandon their personal happiness over the pursuit of the community┬┤s benefit.


Participant: Margit Lillak