puidokas abandoned


Logline: In a desolate farm a group of troubled men fight their addictions with a help of animals, nature and religion.


Synopsis: A breath-taking valley of a curvy river, a morning sun appearing through a thick fog and a herd of deers running freely through the snow... One would not expect that in such a natural, harmonious landscape a group of very sad men would live. These men – alcohol and drug addicts, former prisoners and outcasts. They have tried every possible rehab before coming to this valley and this is their last stop. A shabby, secluded farm with nothing but some old creaking beds. The treatment here consists of rather simple measures – physical labour, tending to animals and Catholic prayer. Yet, the success stories are few - after a brief period of abstinence most of the men come back to their old means.


Participant: Vytautas Puidokas