20 Miles Apart

shah 20 miles apart


Logline: A daughter in Pakistan wants to meet her dying mother in India after 45 years of separation. The distance between them is 20 miles, the journey will take 2000 miles crossing the disputed border.


Synopsis: Zaiba (55) lived forty-five years of her life separated from her mother in Pakistan. Her mother lives in India, only 20 miles away from her across the river, which is a disputed border. After decades, she tries to get Indian visa and decides to take a horrendous journey to meet her mother who is on her deathbed. The journey becomes for her holier than religion. The only crossing point between the two countries is far, she has to travel more than 2000 miles on a pilgrimage across the country. As she crossed the border, the filmmaker could not because of the visa. The film explores her journey in India through the video messages she sends to her family in Pakistan through mobile phone. Her journey in India becomes a distant reality, just like for the families who live separated on the other side of the border. She tries to reunite with her mother before any tragedy happens.


Participant: Danial Shah