van grinsven hormonal


Logline: How do we make the invisible visible? In this hybrid documentary, five women share their experiences with hormonal contraception and re-enact key moments in their own stories.


Synopsis: Almost every woman has had to deal with the question of taking hormones at some point in their life. It’s not a purely cis, hetero issue neither - basically anyone with a uterus has had to consider hormones, if not for contraception then for cramps, acné or period regulation. The full effects of taking hormonal contraceptives are mostly invisible, because they take place inside a body, over time.

We know very little about the real effects that the pill, patch and IUD have on our bodies and brains, and there is little recognition for the full spectrum of effects. This documentary seeks to make those effects visible, working together with women to re-imbody their own experiences. Taking their testimonies as a starting point, this films aims to explore new ways of showing these hidden experiences.


Participant: Pien van Grinsven