Your Life Without Me

An unexceptional lawsuit between the Hungarian state and 6 elderly women. These mothers have raised their disabled children while being deprived from any subsidiary services, survived the painful crumple of their families and gave up all their personal ambitions. But the state's attitude towards their problems has not changed. The vulnerable group decides to hold the state accountable being represented by a committed human rights lawyer. A strong bondage develops between the legal experts and the affected families by the tragic situation and challenging lawsuit. Some strong-willed characters emerge from the proceeding: Magdi, the leader of the parental community, Viki, the “developer daycare's” director, where by her goodwill the children can stay despite of being overage and Ilona, the young and determined legal expert. Winning the cause isn't only about justice, but being able to pay for the residential home, where their kids can live in peace, when the mothers are gone.

Participant: Anna Rubi - Hungary