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More than 1,000 people commit suicide in Lithuania every year. According to WHO 2012 report, Lithuania was number 4 in the world and these numbers prevail up to this day. The problem of suicides is obvious, but at the same time invisible in my country. Kupiškis, a town of almost 8.000 inhabitants, situated in the northern part of Lithuania, has the highest rate of suicides per year in the country. Here local psychologist Valija gathered a group of local professionals, and after one year of hard volunteer work adopted an algorithm, created by professional psychologists that should help preventing suicides and therefore reduce this dramatic number. During the last six months there have been only two suicides in Kupiškis (in comparison to a previous year when 20 people committed suicide). Such figures provide hope that the algorithm works, but according to Valija, few months is a too short period of time to make any sort of conclusion. Valija works together with Daiva, an ambulance nurse, and Gintare, a social police officer. Despite being surrounded by public ignorance on the subject, institutional indifference and enormous social and economical injustice, these women are trying to maintain low statistics at their hometown and at the same time set the example for the whole country by their own means. The entire community is awaiting for further progress of this experiment. Where will it lead the people of the town and the main characters? Towards salvation or even greater despair?

Participant: Virginija Vareikytė (Lithuania)
Role: Director
Production Company: In Script
Status: research stage
Format: Documentary for Cinema
Length: 60 to 90 min.
Expected publishing date: 2018 IV QRT
Production company: In Script (Lithuania)
Co-producer: In Search (TBC)

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