Fake Lies


FAKE LIES is a creative documentary focused on how one woman’s life can be changed for ever after being exposed to aggressive, political Fake News. The face and voice of Marta Torrecillas went viral on referendum Day in Catalonia -a referendum considered illegal by Spanish government-. Marta was recorded while police officers dragged her brutally down the stairs as forcing eviction at the polling station. She sent a voice message to a friend, which went viral and immediately arrived to all cell phones in Catalonia that day. Cameras recorded her while, outraged, she exposed that police officers had broken her fingers. That image turned around the world in order to show the violence used by a government in Western Europe against voters. Some days later, Marta openly explained her story: she first thought her fingers were broken, later doctors confirmed that they weren’t. Trying to explain the truth in a public TV made her a symbol of lie. A nightmare which is not over yet began.


Participant: Anna M. Bofarull