mischi elsewhere 

Logline: Four humans coming from very different backgrounds must face a crucial question: what is the meaning of home? With complex phenomena such as migration, isolation, poverty and personal identity in the background, they do their best to pursue their dreams, hanging their fate by a thin thread.


Synopsis: Four individuals and their families are on the move, each of them pushed by different reasons: safety, economy, identity, greed. Their cultural, economical and geographical backgrounds differ consistently, but their escape - and at times escapism - hopes, dreams and defeats help define a few fundamental contemporary questions, such as the meaning of home, while exploring the paradox of the promise of a vast and better future, if compared to a present which seems incapable to satisfy anyone of them, regardless the situation.
Ranging from the Middle-East to northern Europe, the characters are experiencing polarised environments, such as forced migrations, hikikomori and isolation, fame and a new life started by the displacement from what they used to call once home.


Participant: Aurora Mischi