"Love Is Not an Orange" wins Best Documentary at TIFF

2023 loveisnotanorange tiffThe film "Love Is Not An Orange" by Otilia Babara (ESoDoc 2016) wins the prize for Best Documentary at the TIFF - Tirana International Film Festival.


About the film: In the early 90’s, women left Moldova in large numbers to provide for their families. Unable to return home, they found a peculiar way to stay in touch: sending large cardboard boxes filled with gifts and food you could only dream about in those days. In return, their children would send videotapes. This exchange became a ritual among thousands of families. Video cameras and presents allowed these mothers and children to share glimpses of their realities while being apart.

Through these intimate private archives, the film depicts the fragility of family bonds through the eyes of a generation of mothers and daughters who were forced to live apart in order to survive. While doing so, she portrays a post-soviet country caught in a crossroads of history. A country whose women were unwittingly put in charge of making the transition from communism to capitalism.