"Acasa, My Home" wins Special Jury Award at Sundance

"Acasa, My Home" - the project developed at ESoDoc 2018 by Radu Ciorniciuc - wins World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award for Cinematography at Sundance Film Festival

The project - which premiered in January at Sundance Film Festival - has already received various welcoming reviews from the industry's magazines: 

Point of View Magazine - "This Romanian documentary depicts much more than the disintegration of a family. Through the devastating misfortune of the Enaches, Radu Ciorniciuc’s first feature exposes a rigid and inhumane capitalist system and decries its inability to allow or accept other values than its own." - Inge Coolsaet

High on Films - "Radu Ciorniciuc is a writer and an investigative journalist. His documentary boasts of his investigative eye while creating a fine balance with its storytelling aspect. (...) Acasa, My Home raises puzzling conundrums. It compels its viewers to challenge their ideas of happiness and development". - Ashwani Kumar Tiwari

Ready Steady Cut - "If you’re looking for a documentary to make you ponder the way in which this world works, and how we force others to see from our own point of view, Acasa, My Home has a powerful, affecting presence. Its intimacy along with careful filmmaking by director Radu Ciorniciuc makes it a documentary with worldly resonance." - Michael Frank

NONFICS - "Radu Ciorniciuc’s stunningly intimate debut, Acasa, My Home, begins with a Shyamalanian revelation straight out of The Village, where a wily Romanian family living with reckless freedom in a seemingly remote wilderness is revealed to be at the center of the modern metropolis of Bucharest. Yet, what unfolds over the next hour and a half is more in the tragic vein of Debra Granik’s smart, socially critical drama Leave No Trace: a family is ripped from their home of 18 years at the behest of a society that has deemed their way of life unacceptable and then placed into a bureaucratic, alien civilization that they not only despise but are wholly ill-prepared for." - Jordan M. Smith

On The Movable Fest you can find also an interview with Radu Ciorniciuc.