"I Woke Up This Morning": a Youtube Channel by Anne Murat

"I Woke Up This Morning" is the new Youtube Channel by former ESoDoc participant Anne Murat, questioning Change. 

From Anne's words: 

My name is Anne, I am a French mammalian hominid bipedal female documentary filmmaker asking herself daily questions about what it means to be human.

ESoDoc helped give birth to my biggest documentary project yet "Inner Revolution", questioning change. How change? Why is it so difficult? How articulate personal change and collective change? Can we be the change we want to see in a sustainable world? 

I go to bed every night and I wonder: rather than working for the preservation of life on Earth, most collective choices favour an acceleration of entropy. Rise of nationalism, explosion of inequalities, destruction of ecosystems, acceleration of climate warming: we are facing a time of unprecedented environmental, economic, social and cultural crises in history that today threaten the very survival of mankind.

So I wake up every morning and I ask myself: How is it that human beings, capable of intellectual, scientific, and technical exploits, seem incapable of solving these structural problems and of preventing imminent catastrophes? Instead of a change, I see repetition. But to quote Einstein: «Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result»!

So I set out on a personal investigation to question : Can we change, and save the world from repetition?

One thing is for sure: if our world role models can save the world, so can I !

I realized it's not just a documentary, it's a life project. 

Youtube channel: I WOKE UP THIS MORNING

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