ESoDoc Session 2 in Bolzano: public lectures and screening

The second session of ESoDoc 2018 will take place in Bolzano, from July 16 till 22 at the Free University of Bolzano

In the framework of ZeLIG’s celebration for its 30th anniversary and the 15th edition of ESoDoc, some lectures and screenings will be open to the public.  


Tuesday 17

Kris Krois (Free University of Bolzano - Italy)
Utopian imaginaries and practices
Fiction often tackles apocalyptic scenarios and dystopian societies. Social sciences Journalism and documentaries most of the times present and analyse problems. But where are the visions, narrations and images of positive futures? These are created and propagated mainly by tech companies and associated actors. At the same time narrations and imaginaries from nationalist and extreme right forces are gaining more popularity. They offer oversimplified and dangerous, but for many people attractive answers to the multiple crises, disasters, terrorism, wars, etc and to the feeling of fear going along with it.
Which other visions are around? How can they positively influence present debates, attitudes, imaginaries, policies and ways of life?
Designers, movie makers, artists and other storytellers can help to co-create positive future trajectories, visualise and narrate them. They can identify, experiment and amplify contemporary ideas and practices, which can be seen as the germs for such trajectories. And thus influence both imaginaries of the future and present-day debates and practices.

Joelle Alexis (Independent Editor - Israel)
What makes a good Story – what makes a good teaser
There is no better way to pitch your documentary idea than with a fantastic trailer.
However condensing a great story with compelling characters, show good filmmaking skills and proving unique access in a few minutes is a major challenge.
Joelle Alexis, a skilled film editor will share with you her knowledge and experience on how to improve your trailers. How to stand out in front of attending international buyers in order to complete the funding of the film you think is important to be out there.


Wednesday 18

Esther van Messel (First Hand Films - Switzerland)
Point of View: Outside
In this keynote, we look behind the scenes of international sales and national theatrical distribution. Presenting a series of case studies, we watch materials and trailers from different phases of development, financing and production, we analyze processes, evaluate team efforts, and learn from mistakes made and successes earned. We hear about trends and tendencies, the international market expectations and how to us them to do what we want.
We want to know where we’re headed before we leave. It’s possible, and possibly wanted, to change direction during production, but an expensive team effort like a film production needs a clear point of departure. And from there, a clear image of the end of the way. The vertical strategy helps orientate the story and its telling all the way.

Mark Atkin (Crossover Labs - United Kingdom)
What platform should I use if I want to change the world?
If I wanted to change the world, would I make a film? Is that the most effective way to engage people and will that provide me with the best possible audience? Let us discuss the merits of documentary film and compare its efficacy with other types of media that have influenced me as I consider the projects that I want to make, discover that none of them is a straight film, and encourage you to join me in seizing the means of production in a more comprehensive way to truly challenge authority.

Open-air screening @Inner Courtyard UniBz - Sponsored by First Hand Films
Presenting Princess Shaw
Directed by Ido Haar – Israel 2016
It is the age of New Media, and people of all ages and kinds, all around the world are posting an endless stream of video clips online at any given moment. Every day, tens of thousands of web surfers cram their video notes into virtual bottles, toss them into the boundless ocean that is the internet, and pray that they are found. All they want is for someone to pick up their bottle and find the treasure hidden inside it. 
Kutiman is surfing and looking for new talents for his new album. Last time he released a THRU YOU album on Youtube it got more than two million clicks in a two weeks.
Now he found the princess…

Esther van Massel – Excecutive Producer of the film – will be present at the screening.


Thursday 19

Sabine Bubeck-Paaz (ZDF/Arte - Germany)
Coproduction: a love affair
The European Culture Channel ARTE is known for its support to the creative media market. But there is also the cliché that the binational structure and the decision making process is difficult to understand. Yes, the organisation is complex but in her keynote Sabine Bubeck-Paaz, Commissioning Editor at ZDF for different documentary slots on ARTE will make it transparent and will give you the red line that might make it easier for you to coproduce with one of ARTE’s associated partners in the future. 
As coproduction does start long before the contract is signed, Sabine Bubeck-Paaz will give an insight in the different steps of the collaborative decision making process from discussing the first idea to the final delivery of the finished programme.